Samsung U Flex headphones work best with Galaxy S8, at least until Note 8 arrives

Audiophiles in the market for a high-end Android smartphone these past few months have had a tough choice to make, as the Galaxy S8 includes possibly the year’s best mobile accessory so far while delivering sound quality that’s arguably short of industry-leading status.

Of course, Samsung has the resources and expertise to take the Galaxy Note 8 to the next level this fall following a costly Harman acquisition closed back in March. But for some reason, the chaebol might decide to sit on its newest subsidiary’s technology, leaving the esteemed name out of yesterday’s U Flex announcement altogether.

It’s therefore safe to assume the cable-free, Bluetooth-supporting, bendable headphones aren’t even “tuned” by Harman/Kardon, AKG Acoustics or JBL, though it’s still unclear how much they’re supposed to cost on their own and whether or not they’ll join the Note 8 to stores at no extra charge.

They definitely appear to target a slightly lower price point than Apple’s $150 BeatsX or $159 AirPods, not to mention Samsung’s more versatile, fitness-tracking and music-playing $200 Gear IconX.

Nonetheless, the portable Samsung U Flex headset has quite a few things going for it, starting with a “lightweight” around-the-neck design and up to 100-degree flexibility. Splash-resistant and coated in your choice of black, blue or ivory paint, these wireless headphones want to offer a “peerless audio experience” via two-way speaker units consisting of 11-milimeter woofers and 8mm tweeters.

Though obviously compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled phone, the U Flex works best when paired to a Galaxy S8, sporting an “Active” key that can wake up Bixby, as well as proprietary “Scalable Codec technology” for a “stable connection and seamless music playback.”

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