Samsung may have two Windows 10-powered tablets lined up for CES 2017

Samsung is probably far from done unveiling cool stuff in anticipation of the year’s first big consumer electronics-focused trade show, as new Smart TVs, monitors and 2-in-1 Windows tablets should soon follow in the footsteps of those forward-thinking speakers, soundbars, Blu-ray Players and mid-range but premium-looking smartphones.

Wait, is that “tablets” plural, or just a figure of speech? Apparently, the second-generation 12-inch or so Galaxy TabPro S may not fly solo to Las Vegas this week, bringing along for the ride a possibly smaller, lower-end and lower-cost SM-W620 convertible variant.

The OG full-sized TabPro S, remember, carried the SM-W700 model number, and its direct heir is also identified by a W720 designation. Unfortunately, we know absolutely nothing for sure about the looming Windows 10-powered slate duo’s specifications, and we’re left wondering if the diminutive version will get its own personal keyboard dock.

It’d certainly be interesting to see someone like Samsung try to revive a niche abandoned by Microsoft after the non-Pro Surface 3, and perhaps even have the larger Galaxy TabPro S2 pitted directly against the unreleased Surface Pro 5, Intel Kaby Lake, Ultra HD screen resolution and all. Then there’s always the iPad Pro family to consider, of course, with Apple already selling the “professional” iOS tab in two sizes.

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