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Samsung to reportedly follow Apple in excluding in-box accessories from Galaxy S21

By Prakhar Khanna October 27, 2020, 9:27 am
Galaxy S21

Ahead of the iPhone 12 series launch, there were rumors saying Apple might not include the charger and AirPods in its box. That actually happened. Now, it looks like Samsung will follow in Apple’s footsteps with its next Galaxy flagship. It is being reported that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will not include a charger and earphones in the box. The move would be ironical since Samsung’s social media team took to Facebook to make fun of Apple for not including the in-box charger with its latest flagship.

The latest development comes from SamMobile, which reports that there is precedent for Samsung not shipping earphones with a flagship smartphone. For the unaware, the Galaxy Note20 series ships without in-box AKG earphones in the US. While customers can get them for free by reaching out to customer service but not everyone who buys the phone will do that. In fact, many wouldn’t even know this option exists. It would be interesting to see if Samsung provides the charger for free to the customers who want them or sell them separately.


Will not including in-box accessories mean a cheaper price tag for the Galaxy S21 series?

To recall, Apple excluded in-box accessories for “environmental reasons.” However, the absence of accessories didn’t translate to a price cut of the latest iPhones. The iPhone 12 series still cost the same or more than its previous generation devices. Hence, it cannot be said if Samsung would offer a price cut on its next Galaxy S-flagship by not including in-box accessories. The company would be aiming to increase individual sales of its chargers. Plus, not including earphones could nudge customers towards buying the Galaxy Buds wireless earphones.

According to previous rumors, the new Galaxy S21 series could arrive early in January 2021. The CAD renders have already leaked online, and specs of Galaxy S21 Ultra have also surfaced.


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