Samsung wants to buy Nuance, the company that powers Siri

Many of you may not remember the old days of voice command, or even services like Dragon Dictation, which were quite famous years ago. All of these services came from a company called Nuance, which was merely a start-up back then, and which found its biggest break in 2011 by powering Siri. Surely Siri was already a service on its own, but it didn’t respond to you like it does today, and Nuance’s technology was the missing link to make Apple’s Siri what it is today, though things might get a tad difficult for Cupertino very soon.

Reports have it that Nuance has been on sale for quite a bit, and the biggest bidder to take control of the company is Samsung. Nuance is currently valued at a staggering $5.5 billion, and ever since these sales rumors began, its stock has continued to grow in price. If you wonder why Samsung is interested in Nuance, well, it’s not just to give Apple a hard time, but really because this same technology powers S Voice, and even the system that powers Samsung’s Smart TV line-up.

It’s hard to tell if this will go through, as Apple might also be interested in buying the technology. Whatever the case may be, other companies like Nintendo, Panasonic and Daimler AG will be affected.

Source: The Wall Street Journal
Via: Cult Of Mac

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