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Samsung tests pushing ads in stock apps and even the lock screen

By Nadeem Sarwar June 8, 2020, 6:07 pm
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Ads are a necessary evil (in the words of almost every Chinese smartphone maker), but they are almost universally hated by users. Compared to the likes of Xiaomi’s MIUI and OPPO’s Color OS, Samsung’s One UI has been relatively clean. But things are about to change – and for the worse – for those who own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

According to screenshots posted by users on the official Samsung community forum in Korea, the company is testing ads in the native Weather app. The positioning of the ad differs, but it appears that this behavior will be widely rolled out with the upcoming One UI 2.5 update. Another screenshot shared on the community forum shows what appears to be an ad on the lock screen, complete with a timer.


The worse part is that the ad appears to be 15-second in length, and there appears to be no way to stop it. While the ad behavior is yet to be documented on video, it appears that users might be forced to watch an ad before they can unlock the device. Of course, this is too early to speculate whether or not this will be normalized in future builds of One UI, but it definitely would be a huge pain point and an infuriating inconvenience.

Also, when a user complained about ads in in-house apps earlier this year, a Samsung representative responded that the company relies on ad revenue to develop new functions and provide a stable service.

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