Remember Samsung’s TecTiles, promoted alongside the NFC support that came with last year’s Galaxy S III? The little NFC-enabled stickers could be set up to help you automate tasks, tapping one to do anything from checking-in on FourSquare to enabling WiFi when you set your phone down on your desk at home. While they took a little work to configure, Samsung had been becoming one of the really vocal proponents of NFC, and this was fun way to show what was possible… at least, it was fun while you were still using the GS3. As users are updating to the Galaxy S 4, they’re noticing that the TecTiles they shelled-out $3-a-pop for are no longer working. What gives?

The problem is the new NFC controller in the Galaxy S 4. Unlike the chip in the GS3, the GS4’s doesn’t work with the older technology at the heart of TecTiles.

Samsung has a new TecTile 2 version that works just fine with the GS4 and (hopefully) future NFC-capable hardware, but this is still one big insult to all the users who put their time and money into making first-gen TecTiles a part of their lives.

While we definitely want Samsung embracing the latest and greatest NFC technology, shouldn’t it have ensured that backwards compatibility was a priority when choosing a component for the GS4?

Source: AnandTech
Via: Engadget

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