Everything looks set for Samsung to surpass Intel as number one chipmaker this quarter

On the heels of its second most profitable quarter on record, the world’s second largest information technology company by revenue is on the verge of adding another prestigious title to an already impressive list of achievements and markets dominated.

According to IC Insights predictions based on recent trends and shifts, the world’s top smartphone and TV vendor could also become the number one chipmaker for the first time in history during Q2 2017, breaking an uninterrupted Intel supremacy dating as far back as 1993.

You may have expected Qualcomm or even Broadcom parent Avago to challenge Intel after costly acquisitions and mergers probably aimed at just that, but Samsung has pretty much managed to rise by itself from posting semiconductor sales of around $9.3 billion between January and March 2016 to no less than $13.5B over the same timeframe of this year.

Up next, “if memory market prices continue to hold or increase through the second quarter and the balance of this year”, which both Samsung and analysts strongly believe will be the case, the chaebol should “charge into the top stop and displace Intel” from the chip-selling chart’s peak.

We’re looking of course at a tiny projected gap of half a billion dollars in chip revenues ($14.9 vs. $14.4 billion), which Intel could theoretically reverse in the ensuing quarter, though it’s far more likely Samsung will retain its newfound control over the hugely lucrative industry through the end of 2017, and possibly beyond.

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