After last week’s verdict in the Apple v. Samsung lawsuit, it’s easy to see why Samsung might be a little upset. We’ve heard that the company has no plans to let that result affect its ability to sell phones any, and whether that means new software, hardware redesigns, or continuing to duke it out in a court of law, Samsung will find some way to keep doing what it’s been doing. We can’t help but wonder if the whole incident might just play some role in the latest news to surface on Samsung’s plans for dealing with Apple, where the company makes it very clear that it intends to sue Apple right back if Apple releases an LTE-capable iPhone.

Though the patents essential to LTE are held by a number of companies (with Nokia in the lead), Samsung has a significant number and could conceivably cause some major headaches for Apple.

While there’s no certainty that the iPhone 5 will indeed feature LTE connectivity, it’s long been rumored to, and the way the other platforms have been going, it really needs to jump on the 4G bandwagon or risk losing a bit of its edge.

Source: Korea Times
Via: BGR

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