Admit it, you brushed off the arguably silly-looking Samsung Galaxy Round at first, suspecting it of vaporware material. And you didn’t quite get the utility of the following year’s Note Edge either. But before you knew it, smartphones with curved screens grew so popular that the Galaxy S8 doesn’t even offer a flat option these days, and Apple may well jump on the “edgy” bandwagon by the end of 2017 too.

Curves, of course, are merely the first step in a design revolution carefully prepared behind the scenes by the world’s largest OLED display manufacturer, plus the industry’s number two, for many years now.

Up next, mobile device makers should move on to bendable, foldable, rollable and even stretchable products… someday, which you’ll probably find weird, useless and gimmicky before eventually adopting them on a large scale.

The first ever stretchable display prototype will unsurprisingly be showcased by Samsung’s specialized subsidiary later this week in Los Angeles at a symposium organized by the Society for Information Display.

Based on how the so-called Galaxy X is still struggling to enter production, it’s likely going to take many more years for this remarkable new concept to approach commercialization. Nonetheless, it’s certainly exciting to hear Samsung Display is actively working on a stretchable 9.1-inch OLED that can be “transformed – whether curved, bended or rolled – in both sides, above and below.” Basically, there are no limits to this bad boy’s flexibility.

Meanwhile, a “glassless” 5.09-inch three-dimensional OLED for “3D pop-up books, games and virtual reality” and UHD 1.96-inch display with 2250 ppi density for VR, AR and holograms will also debut in L.A. in similarly conceptual form though much closer to commercial materialization. Immensely exciting stuff, don’t you think?

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