Samsung Stratosphere (LTE) for Verizon Revealed (Images)

We’ve gotten a few glimpses of the Samsung Stratosphere SCH-I405 in the wild, but the handset could never seem to sit still for a clear or full-body shot. Now this Verizon-bound, LTE-capable QWERTY slider has been fully revealed.

First tipped as the Samsung Aegis, Stratosphere is expected to see a release as early as this week, alongside heavier hitters like the Droid Bionic and BlackBerry Curve 9370 Apollo. Specs on VZW’s first 4G slider are still light, although Android Central painted a picture of an upper-mid-range device with an “awesome” display, five-megapixel camera (1.3MP up front), and about 2GB of free storage.

We suspect a price of around $150 on contract, though that could be higher depending on the processor and particular variety of screen being employed. Evidence points to Stratosphere shipping with the 2.3.4 build of Android Gingerbread.

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