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Will Samsung hide the speaker inside the display similarly to the selfie cam?

By Anton D. Nagy December 28, 2018, 8:00 am

With all the rumors and leaks surrounding the upcoming Galaxy S10 line-up, at this point, we’re pretty sure Samsung will show off some early prototypes to select members of the media and partners at CES 2019. But we’re also hearing that Samsung could bring a new technology to the Las Vegas show, dubbed Sound on Display. Putting it simple, Samsung might cram the speaker into the display as well, similarly to the front-facing camera/s on the Infinity O display.

We’re talking about sound-emitting OLED technology, which, in case of TVs, is pretty self-explanatory. In case of smartphones, it is unclear whether the main speaker will be tucked inside the screen, or just the earpiece. The reason we’re saying it’s not entirely clear is that the report suggesting this also talks about vibration and bone conduction, which is something we’ve already seen on smartphones as far as the earpiece is concerned.

The report claims that Samsung will show off Sound on Display OLED panels next month at the 2019 CES. Panels for both smartphones and TVs are mentioned in the report, so we’re expecting to see (and hear) more in Vegas. This technology, as cool as it may sound, is not new. LG already showed off Crystal Sound OLED TVs at the 2018 CES. Now it’s Samsung’s turn, and we’re curious to find out how the tech-giant can implement and adapt this to smartphones.

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