Samsung SmartThings has a new design interface

Samsung today has announced an entirely new, redesigned user interface for it’s SmartThings application. The new interface is available for Android devices starting today, and iOS will follow shortly after, says Samsung. The Samsung SmartThings app lets you control home appliances, light bulbs, and other smart devices inside one simple application.

The new SmartThings app looks more modern and simplified. Samsung points out that the new version was made with customer feedback in mind. The colors are brighter and make it easier to distinguish devices and other elements on the display. The settings and navigation has also received a revamp to make it easier to control the application and to offer a more seamless transition from SmartThings’ previous version.

“New Update Offers Users Simpler, More Robust Experiences To Control Their Connected Homes”

The new redesign makes it easier to see the connected home devices and is broken up into five new different sections. The favourites section provides fast access to the most used devices and also shows the scenes. The devices section shows all of the devices, including light bulbs, appliances, TVs and more. Life adds additional features and tips on how to use some of the services and also includes SmartThings Cooking.

Automations connects devices and allows them to work together and respond to specific conditions at home, such as door opening and turning on the light. The menu – as the name suggests – will simply contain more SmartThings features including the SmartThings Labs, notifications, history and settings.

Roland is a technology enthusiast and software engineer based in United Kingdom.

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