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Samsung has embedded a smartphone into a refrigerator. Or a tablet, if you will…

By Anton D. Nagy January 4, 2016, 10:53 am

No, we don’t cover refrigerators here at Pocketnow, but this one from Samsung has a phone embedded in it. Wait, what? It is not yet clear what specific features this smart refrigerator will have, due to the language barrier (Korean press release), but it appears to have an embedded camera looking at what’s in the fridge.

That Android smartphone-looking “thing” on the right is a touch screen, a tablet, or a smartphone, if you will, embedded in the fridge, that allow you to operate several features of the appliance, including said camera. The feature is also accessible via remote apps, and so are the embedded humidity and temperature sensors, spoilage alerts, etc., if you thought there’s still not enough tech in this smart refrigerator. Oh, and, aside from being IoT capable (so you can use your smartphone to communicate with the fridge), there is also a stereo speaker system, in addition to news and weather info capabilities.

Source: Samsung, Flickr
Via: The Verge

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