Samsung sets up battery test, Galaxy S7 wins it (of course)

When a company compares its phones to the competition, it would probably do best to leave out any point that could be considered a “con”. Samsung Deutschland are pretty aware of that, but we’d figure to go through its latest video of a “battery test” anyways.

In comparing the performance of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge with that of the Huawei P9, iPhone 6s, HTC 10, Sony Xperia X and LG G5, Samsung decided to have each run a lightweight video constantly for as long as they can with the screen on. Each device had no Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth and cellular connectivity, started from 100% and supposedly had equivalent brightnesses.

In the test, both the S7 and S7 beat its closest competition, the iPhone 6s, by a clean two hours or so.

Now completely ignore this test and figure out how you’d use the phone in the real world and how each part of the phone will handle itself in every different condition presented. Signs may point to the S7 for an overall win. Then again, you’d be surprised at what Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth and cellular connectivity along with differing levels of brightness can bring.

Okay, we get the point, Samsung. That HTC 10 had a lot more in common with your Galaxy S7 than any other of the group (including battery size) and you beat it by almost three hours. You may be wrangling Vulkan to the best of your abilities at this point. You’ve got the expertise.

But this test only does so much to your credit.

Via: Phandroid

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