Samsung sending out battery limiter update to Galaxy Note 7 in Europe

If you still have a recalled Galaxy Note 7 (that’s all of them in the world, by the way), you should return it. Get it exchanged. And if you’re still using yours in Europe, — again, you shouldn’t — you’ll find it a bit harder to do so soon.

Samsung is alerting its customers in the continent to a software update will limit their Note 7’s battery charge to 60 percent. It is similar to an update issued last month during the first stage of the recall and is presumed to reduce the risks of a battery from exploding. The update will begin rolling out on October 31 and is designed to “drive all remaining Galaxy Note7 customers in Europe to replace their device immediately.”

It is unknown if the update will be automatic and unstoppable.

Samsung claims two-thirds of the Note 7 population has been switched out in Europe so far. Owners were compensated with a replacement Galaxy phone and the difference in price or a full refund.

Via: Coolsmartphone

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