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Foldable displays and 5G are the defining keywords for the 2019 smartphone industry. With several devices already announced, like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, and others planned for future release, it is up to other key players, like Apple and Google, to jump on the bandwagon. Early rumors suggest that Apple will not adopt neither technology this year, but the iPhone-maker is known for usually being a tad late to the party.

Nonetheless, Samsung Display has shipped a batch of foldable display panel samples to both Apple and Google, according to industry sources cited by ETNews. The display maker is trying to lure future possible clients in to enrich its client portfolio, hoping the technology will spark interest, hence securing future orders.

Sources mentioned that the samples are 7.2-inch foldable panels, which are pretty much identical to the ones used on the Galaxy Fold, give or take .1 inches. The report claims that Apple and Google are not the only ones these samples have been shipped out to. Huawei and OPPO are also named as recipients of a sample batch sent out earlier.

Samsung’s rumored capacity for manufacturing foldable displays is 200,000 per month, with 2.4 million per year. Samsung already said that it is not expecting to sell volumes of the Galaxy Fold, so the production capacity for foldable display needs more clients in order to be sold out.

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