Sure as the sun will rise in the east, and water shall remain wet, Apple and Samsung will always be at each other’s throats, duking it out in a court of law. Most recently, we saw Samsung stuck with the bill for another $290M in damages, but today we’re not talking about money at all: Apple’s out for blood – or more specifically, for getting 20-some Samsung devices banned from sales.

Apple had already pushed for a move like this last year, but Judge Koh was not feeling too persuaded by Apple’s arguments for a ban back in December 2012. A lot’s happened since then, and last month’s ruling opened the door for Apple to try getting some of those bans again. That’s just what it’s up to this week, revisiting the issue with the court.

Honestly, it seems like Apple’s putting a lot of effort into an action that won’t have any appreciable impact on Samsung’s bottom line; we haven’t seen a complete list of the devices Apple’s trying to ban, but the couple that have been mentioned – the old Galaxy S 4G and first-gen Galaxy Tab 10.1 – are so ancient that you’d be hard-pressed to even find them on shelves anymore. Perhaps Apple’s acting on principle, or to bolster its position in upcoming cases that deal with more modern Samsung products, but it’s sure going to do its darnedest to make these bans happen.

Source: Bloomberg
Via: Phone Dog

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