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Samsung app helps train kids not to hold phones and tablets too close to their eyes

By Stephen Schenck April 19, 2016, 12:49 pm

Ever worry that you’re getting a little too up close and personal with your smartphone or tablet? Dense, high-resolution screens may look incredible even when we’re holding them just inches from our face, but is that kind of interaction detrimental to our eyes? A healthy adult probably won’t do any permanent harm by parking their face right in front of a tablet, but what about the developing eyes of a child? Samsung’s on the lookout to make sure that kids can enjoy smart devices without inadvertently doing any damage to their eyes, with the help of its Samsung Safety Screen app.

Samsung Safety Screen takes advantage of the front-facing camera on smartphones and tablets, working in concert with facial-recognition algorithms to evaluate in real time just how close users are getting to their devices. When a child’s holding a model too close for safe usage, the app triggers a pop-up that interrupts whatever they’re doing and prompts them to move the screen back to an appropriate distance.

Parental locks prevent children from bypassing Safety Screen’s protection, and the app’s reminders should help kids learn new behaviors over time, such that they no longer even attempt to use their devices too close (and risk interrupting their game or video) to begin with.

Samsung Safety Screen is available in Google Play now, and should work on whatever hardware you throw at it – you won’t need a Samsung device in order to enjoy its benefits.

Source: Samsung
Via: SamMobile

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