Samsung is not exactly a company we’d say is hurting for new wearables, having just introduced three new models at MWC next week; in addition to two new Gear smartwatches, we also saw the company introduce its Gear Fit activity tracker. But could Samsung already have another, similar product to the Fit in the works? That’s exactly what we’re forced to consider this morning, as we check out an FCC listing for an apparent S Circle fitness tracker.

The FCC paperwork confirms that this is an activity tracker we’re looking at, but for the name we have to turn elsewhere – that “S Circle” bit we get from taking the model number here and spotting its corresponding paperwork over with the Bluetooth SIG.

OK, so this S Circle seems to exist – but what might we expect from it? We’ve heard rumors of a “Galaxy Band” before, but were those talking about this or the Fit itself? Heck, how would the S Circle even differ from the Fit? Well, the model number’s prefix here matches what Samsung has used for existing fitness accessories, like its chest-strap heart rate monitor; perhaps that suggests that the S Circle will be a similar “dumb” tracker, lacking Fit features like the display and support for notifications. That would presumably also let Samsung sell the S Circle for far less than the Gear Fit’s rumored $200 price tag.

Source: FCC
Via: Engadget

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