Samsung Replenish Specs Revealed

Thanks to several filings and public databases, we’ve been able to piece together nearly the entire spec sheet for Sprint’s upcoming “green” Android handset, the Samsung Replenish. While the components sound strictly low- to mid-range, Replenish will offer at least one unique feature: an optional solar cover to provide environmentally-friendly power.

The first step in investigating any handset is determining its model number, and because Samsung already offers a pair of green feature phones on Sprint – the m560 Reclaim and m570 Restore — the most obvious contender was the SPH-m580, which passed the FCC on March 21st. Conveniently, Samsung listed several features of this EV-DO-capable handset in an attached letter, including the fact that it is indeed an Android-powered device.

That letter also tells us that Replenish will feature a QWERTY keyboard and two-megapixel, fixed focus camera. Although there has been speculation that Replenish is that Droid Pro-like model we’ve seen a few times already, the device outline on the label location document seems much more oval than the photos of that portrait QWERTY. A second letter reveals the existence of the solar cover.

We learned from the respective certification bodies that Replenish is a Bluetooth 3.0 phone with 802.11 b/g/n WiFi. The most interesting information, however, came from a single submission to the NenaMark benchmark online comparison database. According to that upload, SPH-m580 is equipped with a 600MHz Qualcomm processor and Adreno 200 GPU, runs version 2.2.1 of Android (Froyo), and sports a display resolution of only 320×240. Unfortunately the screen size was not available, but with just a QVGA resolution, it’s probably on the small side.

We’re expecting Sprint to announce Replenish on April 15th, although conflicting information has the release coming on either the 25th of this month or May 5th. No pricing details are available yet, but we can’t imagine that this will be anything besides free-on-contract — if not at launch then soon after.

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