Samsung isn’t wasting any time trying to clear its name after being lumped together with Apple in an antitrust investigation of potentially shady “planned obsolescence” tactics.

The world’s second-largest smartphone manufacturer has already admitted to intentionally slowing down older iPhones, arguing the “small” performance reduction is preferable to risking unexpected shutdowns due to inherent battery degradation.

The explanation, (late) apology and discounted battery replacement program haven’t been able to stop class action lawsuits from spreading like wildfire, also keeping Apple on the radar of organizations such as the Italian Competition Authority, or L’Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato.

But Samsung feels there’s no reason the Italian probe should extend to its own phones, as the reigning global mobile industry champion “does not provide software updates to reduce the product performance over the life cycle of the device.”

Nevertheless, and despite already following HTC and Motorola’s suit last month in denying the employment of any such ploys to convince users to buy new phones more often, Samsung is vowing to “fully cooperate with the Italian Authority for Market and Competition’s investigation in Italy to clarify the facts.”

Now that’s how a transparent, honest and smart company reacts to suspicions it knows are unfounded. Especially with so little time left before the Galaxy S9 and S9+ announcements of MWC 2018. Of course, just because Samsung is publicly saying something, and is showing willingness to cooperate with antitrust authorities, that doesn’t mean there’s no danger here. We’ll have to wait for the investigation to conclude to get the facts straight.

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