Extensive Samsung refurbished smartphone program could be launched in 2017

The market for pre-owned mobile devices has always felt like a gold mine some manufacturers and retailers simply didn’t know how to properly exploit, but especially in a day and age when high-end, high-priced smartphones appear to be losing ground to “affordable flagships”, OEMs clearly need to adapt.

That includes Apple and Samsung, possibly the world’s only two phone-making companies strong and popular enough to still sell more premium models than low-enders. Refurbished iPhones and iPads are of course tremendously beloved, particularly stateside, due to the fact inexpensive new configurations don’t exist.

Meanwhile, a “certified pre-owned phones” section on Samsung’s US e-store is hardly ever advertised, despite currently allowing you to buy like-new Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge units at decent discounts with full one-year warranties.

If a Reuters report is to be trusted though, a much higher-profile, more extensive “program to sell refurbished used versions of premium” Galaxy smartphones is planned for inauguration “as early as next year.”

Unfortunately, details are slim at the moment regarding targeted price points, markets or sales numbers. All we know is Samsung wants to “maximize its cost efficiency” by restoring more high-end devices returned by their original owners than nowadays, then re-sell them directly, even at the risk of cannibalizing mid-tier phones priced brand-new around the mark of a lightly used, mint condition Galaxy S or Note installment.

Source: Reuters

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