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Samsung might be pushing its luck with the controversial re-release of a Galaxy Note 7 the chaebol repeatedly deemed as hazardous and unsafe to use. After all, the direct losses incurred by last year’s unprecedented double recall were certainly substantial, but the ship has been righted already, a so far dependable Galaxy S8 is out and about, and the Note 8 is also fast approaching.

Who would ever buy a refurbished Note 7 this summer, even at a fraction of the original price, and why? We can’t answer the latter, with the former question mark starting to clear up, as Samsung appears to be exploring reboots in Vietnam and, of course, South Korea.

If there’s a market still so committed to the brand that it’s willing to ignore all risks and defy common sense, that’s probably the OEM’s homeland. And mind you, we could be looking at a proper, nationwide Galaxy Note 7R launch.

Believe it or not, three different SM-N935 variants jointly visited the FCC on April 24, and the American regulatory agency just certified them all. That still doesn’t mean the reconditioned phone will ever officially make its way stateside though, as model numbers hint at SK Telecom (SM-N935S), KT (SM-N935K) and LG U+ (SM-N935L) carrier support.

Aside from the name of the refurbished Galaxy Note 7, which may still change, a slightly smaller battery and pre-installed Android 7.0 Nougat, we expect everything to stay the same, with an obvious price reduction of 30 percent or so.

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