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Samsung inked a deal with AMD back in June 2019 to license its RDNA graphics technology for its Exynos mobile chips, and it appears that fruits of that partnership will finally arrive this year. We’ve lately heard rumors of an upcoming Samsung laptop employing an Exynos chip with AMD GPU onboard, and a leaked benchmark promising some major performance gains. Now, as per a fresh leak, Samsung is prepping three new Exynos processors across different line-ups that will debut this year.

Leakster @UniverseIce mentions that Samsung will launch Exynos 8xx, Exynos 12xx, and Exynos 22xx series SoCs in 2021. The Exynos 8xx and Exynos 12xx chips will likely find their way inside mid-range Galaxy-A and Galaxy-M smartphones, while the unnamed Exynos 22xx series silicon will be a flagship offering that will likely be the first one with an AMD GPU.

Another leakster (@TheGalox_) claims that the processor will debut carrying the name Exynos 2200. And interestingly, Samsung is touted to launch two versions of this chip – one destined for flagship smartphones such as the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, and another variant that will be fitted inside laptops, likely the always-on breed with cellular connectivity and Windows on ARM running things on the software side.

Exynos 2200 might arrive in two flavors - one for mobile, the other one for laptops

The tipster adds that the laptop version of Exynos 2200 will reportedly be 20% faster than its mobile counterpart, even adding that the first Samsung laptop powered by this Exynos chip with an AMD GPU will be announced by the end of this year. It is further being speculated that the laptop will be a successor to the Galaxy Book S that came equipped with a Qualcomm SoC.

As per leaked benchmarks, a device powered by an upcoming Exynos SoC with AMD GPU left Apple’s beastly A14 Bionic chipset far behind in terms of graphics prowess. And if that turns out to be true on the mobile platform, we can expect similar results on laptops too. That’s because the M1 silicon inside the new Macs is based on the same architecture as the A14 Bionic, which means the Exynos-AMD superiority could very well carry over in the laptop segment as well.

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