Samsung’s Q2 profits expected to drop as full-year Galaxy S9 sales forecast shrinks to 30 mil

We’re still more than a couple of weeks away from the end of the year’s second calendar quarter, and tech titans like Samsung will need up to an extra month to compile and release their latest financial reports.

But analysts and industry pundits already have a solid understanding of the chaebol’s Q2 2018 outlook, and believe it or not, it’s not as rosy as results from the past couple of quarters. Considering this will be the first full quarter of Galaxy S9 and S9+ sales, a profit decline is certainly surprising, although the newest flagship phone duo has been repeatedly characterized as underwhelming by market watchers.

All in all, around 30 million units are now expected to be sold by the end of the year, which would be the lowest number for an S-series release since the Galaxy S3 way back in 2012, according to one Korea-based financial services firm.

While Samsung rarely goes on record with figures of this sort, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ reportedly managed to exceed a combined 41 million shipments a few months ago, which the world’s largest smartphone vendor aimed to boost to at least 43 mil for this spring’s high-end family.

That feels like a long shot now, and mainly due to “sluggish” S9 sales, Samsung will need to settle for an operating Q2 2018 profit of roughly 15 trillion won. That’s down from Q1 2018’s KRW 15.64 trillion surplus, as well as Q4 2017’s KRW 15.15 trillion gains. But it’s still a big chunk of change, equating to around $13.8 billion.

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