The 2018 Olympic Winter Games are almost upon us, and since the lovely South Korean Pyeongchang county is set to host the international multi-sport event, it seems only fitting that the nation’s largest information technology company got to develop the official mobile app.

Of course, Samsung has been a “Worldwide Olympic Partner” in the wireless communications equipment category since 1998, also working together with the International Olympic Committee as a local sponsor of the Seoul Summer Olympics way back in 1988.

With a long history of notifying sports fans around the world of key Olympic developments on the fly, you can probably expect Samsung’s PyeongChang 2018 app to do a fine job of offering “real-time updates, athlete information, medal standings and Olympic and Paralympic records.”

Available as a free Google Play and iOS App Store download, the “all-in-one” app has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start in terms of user ratings on both platforms. But there are still 15 days to go until the opening ceremony of the 23rd Winter Olympics, which should be more than enough time to update the competition’s schedule and fix the occasional bug.

In addition to “differentiated content based on location”, the official PyeongChang 2018 app will provide customized alerts of specific events, results and athlete progress, keeping users up-to-date with what they’re most interested in. Too bad there’s still no word on any kind of commercial Galaxy Note 8 PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games Limited Edition availability.

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