Samsung tries to convince hardcore iPhone fans to switch… with pillows and blankets

In just the past few weeks, Samsung has desperately attempted to sway admirers of a certain fruit-themed rival by offering a free 30-day test drive of select Galaxy flagships, then mocking the Apple Pencil “invention”, crowing over wireless charging, Android and TouchWiz customization, Samsung Pay support, and of course, the unique dual-edge display.

Overall, a generally strong marketing effort, surprisingly tasteful compared to the tacky jabs from previous years, but likely just as useless as before. After all, most iPhone enthusiasts are aware of the flaws of their precious, yet they don’t care. Or they don’t even care enough to research iOS fortes and downsides.

With that in mind, it’s hard to wrap our heads around Samsung’s latest publicity stunt, which saw company representatives don huge switch-encouraging flags… at an iPhone 6s launch event in London. “The itch to switch just got bigger” was their rallying cry, although the 6s Plus is nearly as large as the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

They also distributed flyers promoting the S6 Edge and Edge Plus, and the icing on the cake were free water bottles, blankets and pillows imprinted with the #NextIsNew slogan. These latter objects actually lacked other obvious Samsung identifiers, so we can’t be certain the Korean tech giant was behind the ploy. However, it seems the action was coordinated by Iris, a marketing company linked to Samsung in the past.

Pretty big coincidence, don’t you think? Well, whoever supervised the Apple party-crashing endeavor may want to get back to the drawing board, since the cozy, blue blankets and pillows only managed to make the overnight waiting more comfortable for determined iPhone 6s buyers.

Sources: The Inquirer, IB Times

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