Samsung details a couple of proprietary Android 6.0 Marshmallow add-ons

This might feel like cruel and unusual punishment for the 99 percent of Samsung users still forbidden from running the newest Android iteration, but technically, the “global” Marshmallow rollout has begun as far as the S6 and S6 Edge are concerned, so it’s TouchWiz-specific tweak summarizing time.

In addition to standard 6.0 augmentations developed and even enforced by Google, like Doze mode, App Standby or Now on Tap cards, a “whole host of new and improved features are now available.”

Of the two Samsung chose to shine a spotlight on, Cross App functionality seems most attractive and practical, although it’s little more than a continuation of the multi-window multitasking-enhancing efforts of the past few years.

What this allows you is easily access photos and videos while using various messaging apps, take quick snapshots that you can send the person you’re chatting to (careful with the nudes), browse the web at full speed, and seamlessly play multimedia content within the text conversation.

Nothing new or revolutionary there, just a refinement of previous multitasking features to ensure you can switch back and forth between messaging and basically any other task without ever really exiting the written dialogue.

Meanwhile, if recently added ad-blocking support convinced you to ditch Chrome in favor of Samsung Internet, version 4.0 of your pre-installed browser promises to carefully protect your privacy with Secret mode.

That sounds an awful lot like Google’s Incognito mechanism, letting you visit all the porn websites in the world without leaving a trace, saving any cookies or passwords, but at the same time providing Secure Web Auto Login protection and fingerprint authentication.

Source: Samsung Newsroom

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