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Samsung Propel Pro Hardware Tour

By Brandon Miniman April 16, 2009, 8:46 pm

In this video we take a look at the hardware on the new AT&T Propel Pro

Overall, we can’t help but gruff at the heavy use of shiny surfaces. Some chrome buttons here and there are fine, but all surfaces on the Propel Pro have a mirror-like finish. This means that it’s easy to scratch and get dirty.

Beyond that, the hardware on the Propel Pro is pretty solid. The 320×320 screen allows for a lot of information to be displayed at a time compared to other similar devices. The keys on the spring-assisted keyboard, though a bit small, have a nice feel…similar to that of the Moto Q9h.

We’re not a fan of the joystick, which takes the place of the all-important D-Pad. This joystick has a groove in the center, so getting a grip on it with your thumb isn’t comfortable. The joystick makes scrolling through long emails and webpages cumbersome.

More coming soon on the Propel Pro! Check out the unboxing in case you missed it.

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