Samsung Promises All-Day Battery Life for Its 2012 Phones

Raise your hand if you charge the phone at least once a day, between heading out and getting back. If you own a 3D-enabled phone, it is even worse! Samsung is looking determined to change that by promising all-day battery life.

The major problem with OEMs nowadays is the fact that phones keep getting thinner and thinner, screens become larger and larger and processors become faster and faster. Until a new battery technology hits the market, the saying “bigger is better” is definitely applicable to batteries more than anything else.

Kevin Packingham, vice president of product innovation at Samsung, said while at CES that the phone-maker doesn’t “want you feeling anxiety about your battery life”. A longer battery life will not only be achieved by shipping higher-capacity batteries with phones but also by tweaking the way phones work in certain aspects.

Tweaking polling intervals, the way a phone acts while connected to 4G, the power needed by the LTE radio as well as WiFi signal search are a couple of things Samsung is determined to do for its 2012 line-up. While this new approach might extend your battery life in moderate day-to-day operations, it will definitely not help if you are an avid mobile gamer or you take your entire office with you in your pocket. However, any and every improvement in the department is more than welcome, especially that the market would rather prefer a slightly thicker device than one packing a paper-thin battery.

Source: Cnet

Via: PhoneArena

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