Samsung’s ‘Pride’ and joy? A Tizen 3.0-based SM-Z250F phone with ‘voice control’

Samsung’s proprietary Linux kernel-based threat for Android still hasn’t found much mainstream success outside of the Korean company’s increasingly appealing smartwatch family, but even though the makers of the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 have bigger fish to fry, they’re reportedly also working on a major Tizen OS upgrade.

For smartphones first and foremost, with a mysterious SM-Z250F model internally codenamed “Pride” designed to get the Tizen 3.0 ball rolling before long. This sounds like it could bring a wide range of very important hardware and software enhancements to the table, since Tizen’s latest release has been version 2.4 a while back, and the entry-level Z2 handheld goes by the SM-Z200F model number.

Unfortunately, all we know about this Samsung… Z4(?), based on tips from the inside, is that it will probably still target mainly emerging markets like India, Bangladesh or Nigeria, also “focusing on voice control” as a key selling point.

Jumping to conclusions on such shaky ground isn’t our favorite sport, but what if Samsung plans to load Bixby into the ultra-high-end Android-powered Galaxy S8 and a low-cost, low to mid-end next-gen Tizen device? Wouldn’t that be quite a kick in Google’s head?

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