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Samsung Prepping Windows Phone 7 GT-i8350; Omnia 7 Refresh?

By Stephen Schenck July 11, 2011, 11:33 am

We recently learned of an upcoming LG Windows Phone 7 device, the E906, which we speculated to be a refresh of the E900 Optimus 7, one that comes with Mango installed right out of the box. It that assessment's accurate, we could be seeing the same sort of action taken my the manufacturers of other existent Windows Phone 7 smartphones, at least for those companies that aren't ready to retire their current WP7 hardware just yet. One new Windows Phone device we've just become aware of is the Samsung GT-i8350, but will it be an all-new smartphone, or a Mango-refresh of an old one?

The model number is close to the Omnia 7's GT-i8700, prompting speculation that this one could be related. If that was the case, though, wouldn't we likely be looking at a slightly-higher-numbered model (GT-i8705, or the like)? The User Agent data available for the GT-i8350 shows it's definitely a Windows Phone handset, but the inclusion of Mango and IE9 aren't the only ways it's supposed to differ from the Omnia 7: the 8350, for instance, has noted support for HSPA+, while the Omnia 7 stops at HSPDA.


Now, we suppose that could be courtesy of a firmware update as well, but the evidence isn't really strongly in favor of the 8350 being an Omnia with Mango. If the model number made more sense, perhaps, but this one seems like we could be looking at a fully-new Windows Phone device from Samsung.

Source: Samsung (XML), Samsung UK

Via: Unwired View


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