Samsung Prepping Droid Pro-Styled Phone for Sprint? (Photos)

Samsung looks to be bringing back the Blackjack form factor with an upcoming Android-powered QWERTY candybar for Sprint, if the images here are authentic (and representative of shipping hardware). Actually, the tall screen on this unnamed model makes it appear more similar to Verizon’s Motorola Droid Pro, and we suspect that’s exactly the handset Sammy is targeting with what has usually been considered a business-oriented body style. Even though the photos are pretty blurry, the screen closeup below looks to be in the neighborhood of HVGA resolution — which would be the same as the Droid Pro — but other than that, we don’t have anymore information on this intriguing device. Sprint’s been pretty quiet lately, so we certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see it make some noise around MWC (or perhaps earlier, at its “another industry first” event on Monday the 7th).

sammy sprint screen

blurry samsung qwerty

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