Samsung Preparing for AT&T-Compatible Nexus S Debut

Samsung appears to be preparing its website for the US release of its two-toned, AT&T-compatible Google Nexus S, although it’s still unclear if this will be available directly from AT&T — like the Sprint Nexus S 4G — or strictly from third party retailers, as is the case with the T-Mobile-flavored Nexus.

Categorized as “pearly white” despite maintaining the black version’s dark face — a la AT&T’s white HP Veer — this version of the Nexus S goes by the model number GT-I9020A instead of SGH-Ixx7 as would be expected from a Samsung smartphone sold directly through the carrier, so perhaps we are indeed looking at another instance of a retailer-only distribution channel. Since the screenshot being used is pretty standard across most Nexus S press images, the “3G” in the notification bar (as opposed to the “H+” we’d expect from an AT&T-branded handset) doesn’t really say much either way.

We first saw evidence of an AT&T compatible Nexus S back in January thanks to a Bluetooth certification, followed by a visit to the FCC which verified its 850MHz and 1900MHz 3G bands. Finally, Negri Electronics published photos of the actual handset in March, and shortly afterwards we saw an I9020A placeholder page appear on Samsung’s US website.

Still no pricing or release information, although Best Buy’s $99 subsidized price for the T-Mobile Nexus S is probably a pretty good indication of what to expect.

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