Samsung is giving more premium features to its mid-range smartphones

Some of the new mid-range smartphones from Samsung are starting to come with new features that we usually find only in flagships. It seems that this is going to be Samsung’s strategy to stop other companies from taking its first place in sales in the smartphone world.

We have seen the first triple camera smartphone from Samsung, and it wasn’t the Galaxy S10. The Galaxy A7 has been the first mid-range smartphone to get flagship features like a triple lens camera. then we heard rumors about the Galaxy P30 having in-display fingerprint readers but it was just a rumor that got cleared out fast. Now we get information from ETNews that the next flagship feature coming to mid-range smartphones is wireless charging. The Galaxy A and Galaxy J series would be the devices to get this upgrade in a not so distant future. The main reason for this is that Samsung wants to sell more accessories and therefore a new low-cost wireless charger would also come to the scene. These wireless chargers would have the same performance as the existent 9-watt pads with Fast Charging. Now we only have to wait.

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