Samsung Pay now downloadable for Verizon Galaxy S7, but why is it in the first place?

Something’s still not making sense, here.

Verizon variants of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge did not have Samsung Pay app pre-loaded onto the devices. When sideloaded, though, the mobile payments system was functional. Here’s the thing that we sorta glossed over: it was not available on the Google Play Store nor on Samsung’s app store at the time.

To clarify, Verizon made no attempts to block the use of Samsung Pay on those devices. The carrier’s VP for Communications in the consumer and enterprise units tweeted that the service would be up on March 11.

And, better yet, the Play Store now says the app’s available and ripe for the two specific devices to download. Today.

Here’s what’s still bothering us: somewhere along the line, the decision was made to take the Samsung Pay app off of the Verizon versions of the flagships while pretty much all of the other carriers come with Samsung Pay sitting inside. Verizon spokesperson Albert Aydin admits it so:

It’s accurate that it’s not a preload but we have not blocked or prevented the app from working on the device.

Why one of Samsung’s own services is getting the opt-in treatment while Verizon’s “Supercookie” got to invade our browsers for a few years is definitely a question we’d like answered.

Are we talking money? Did Samsung and Verizon talk money? Or is this a new road Big Red is blazing and it’s looking to pick off OEM-tailored features one by one? It’s a nagging thought.

Source: Android Central

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