Usually, when we bring you Samsung Pay-centric news, they’re about the fast-growing digital wallet’s latest wave of expansions or adopter-incentivizing deals. Then there’s the occasional security threat, and today, an uncommonly important app update.

If you’ll choose to elevate the mobile payment service to its freshest version, 2.3, cloud sync functionality and iris authentication awaits. The latter add-on however depends on what Galaxy model you’re rocking, with just the one actually supporting a second biometric recognition method, alongside fingerprints.

Yes, we’re talking about the infamous Galaxy Note 7, which you should still stop using immediately if you haven’t got around to exchanging it yet. We know the procedure can be tricky, and you’re tempted to hold on to the explosive S Pen phablet one more day, as you test-drive Samsung Pay iris authorization, but safety needs to come first.

There will be other eye-scanning phones, including mid-rangers, and those Note 7 replacements sound quite compelling, likely coming very soon to a store near you. Oh, yeah, and in case anyone’s interested, Samsung Pay also adds compatibility for “more gift cards”, and “more of your favorite membership cards.” Still no UK availability though.

Source: Android Police

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