Samsung Pay tops satisfaction survey, hands out $10 Amazon gift cards

At first glance, it feels like we’re dealing with two unrelated pieces of news here today. On one hand, the Auriemma Consulting Group found Samsung Pay to “outscore Apple Pay on a number of metrics” in its latest Mobile Pay Tracker, based on the opinions and usage habits of 2,004 early US digital wallet adopters.

On the other, Samsung just kicked off its umpteenth recent promotion, giving sweet $10 Amazon gift cards away to new and old users of the Galaxy-compatible mobile payment service conducting three transactions between July 15 and August 1.

But you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out it’s these types of special offers, alongside Magnetic Secure Transmission technology, that help Samsung Pay score stellar satisfaction grades.

Also, “newness”, speculates the ACG, with “most Samsung users reporting three months of experience compared to a year for Apple Pay.” Whatever it is, the Korean tech giant should rejoice upon hearing the US level of customer delight stands at 92 percent vs. the arch-rival’s 84.

Bizarrely, only 49 percent of Samsung Pay endorsers would also recommend the service to others (selfish!), compared to 53 percent for Apple Pay. But the Android-enabled digital wallet app delivers the iOS competition the knockout blow with higher weekly spending: $82 vs. $75.

Sources: NFC World, Samsung

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