Samsung Pay follows Android Pay, beats Apple Pay to the PayPal-supporting punch

Constantly concerned with getting one up on arch-rival Apple, Samsung has just announced the expansion of a key “strategic partnership” with e-payment giant PayPal Holdings, Inc., aimed at making Samsung Pay an even more convenient digital wallet resource for millions of existing and new users.

The strengthened collaboration comes less than a week after PayPal was finally added to the list of standalone accepted options for App Store, iTunes and iBooks purchases. But Apple Pay still doesn’t support the platform, while Google managed to beat both its high-profile mobile payment opponents to the punch with a PayPal – Android Pay link a couple of months back.

Samsung Pay, of course, has the edge in ubiquity, working “almost anywhere you can swipe or tap a card today”, thanks to proprietary MST technology doubling the skills of NFC. And now you’re free to walk into a store of any kind across nearly two dozen countries around the world, and use your Galaxy phone to pay for stuff from your PayPal “wallet”. Starting in the US, obviously, and spreading “soon.”

It’s all as simple as adding a PayPal account to the Samsung Pay app, and spend the popular service’s balance instead of whatever’s on your credit or debit card. No security concerns, no time wasted, and yes, you can take advantage of the “expanded” alliance in physical stores, as well as in various apps and online.

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