We interrupt our ongoing coverage of the US Cyber Monday deal bonanza for an important public service announcement directed at a very small but vocal group of Android power users in possession of both a Pixel phone and Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch.

There’s unfortunately no point in trying to activate Samsung Pay on the next-gen Tizen smartwatch, be it the Classic or Frontier variant, when synched to a hot new Google-made handheld. The mobile payment app’s official Twitter channel admins have just confirmed “#SamsungPay on the Gear S3 is not available with Pixel devices”… for some reason.

It might be because Samsung is yet to bring Pixel compatibility to either the Gear S3 or S2 in the first place. But technically, the two wearable gadgets aren’t explicitly listed as supporting the LG V20, and there’s already clear evidence the popular 5.7-incher can both connect to the Gear S3 and easily sustain its digital wallet functionality.

Our guess is the reason Pixel owners are met with installation error messages when trying to flip the Samsung Pay switch is their exclusive use of Android 7.1 software. If that’s the case, it shouldn’t be long until the problem gets fixed.

Soon enough, Samsung Pay will also work on select non-Galaxy phones paired with the Gear S2, and that’s information confirmed by the chaebol on social media.

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