Samsung Pay activation incentive upped to $200 discount

First, it was a free wireless charging pad. Then, $50 cash, or the approximate retail value of the backordered mobile accessory. Now, to celebrate 50 years of football, but mostly to further increase Samsung Pay adoption rates, the Galaxy makers are giving out gratis $200 e-coupons usable on their US website.

The catch? You have to lease or purchase a new S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, S6 Active or Note 5, and subsequently activate Samsung Pay on your “qualifying” device rather than simply embrace the digital wallet service on a previously bought phone.

Also, we’re afraid you can’t combine the offer with other rebates, discounts, promotions or programs, aside from a $23K Game Day giveaway that’s accessible to folks who’ve jumped on the 2015 Galaxy flagship bandwagon earlier as well.

The two Benjamins could be best spent on a wearable piece bringing payments to your wrist, like the Gear S2 or S2 Classic, typically available for $300 and $350 respectively. Or you may want to swim against the current, and score a marked-down tablet when everyone is deserting them. Perhaps the Galaxy Tab S2 9.7, which you can pay only $200 for after applying the store credit? Or why not the Galaxy View, normally priced at $500?

You have all the time in the world to decide, as the deal expires on January 20, and the “Reward eCertificate” can be redeemed until March 15, prospectively netting you savings on the Galaxy S7 too if you’re patient enough.

Source: Samsung Promotions

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