Pair of patents suggests Samsung is testing the fingerprint-tweaking waters

Seen as an oddity by many not long ago, the fingerprint sensor or scanner has become so widely used on today’s premium and even mid-range smartphones that we often now list it towards the end of a newbie’s spec sheet.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no place left for innovation or progress in this particular biometric authentication field. Device manufacturers are still quick to highlight the amazing speed and supreme reliability of their proprietary fingerprint-recognizing solutions, with a few big ones continuing to experiment as far as perfect location and shapes go.

Case in point, Samsung could soon move away from the oblong form and/or bottom front arrangement of all its fingerprint readers thus far. If that happens, the Galaxy Note 7 or perhaps next year’s GS8 will either adopt a circular sensor embedded into the home button (like we know who), or shuffle the thing to the top back to maybe slim down the unnecessarily thick screen bezels.

Both prospective tweaks sound like aesthetic and functional gambles, and of course, you have to wonder why Samsung is looking to fix what really isn’t broken. Then again, these are exploratory patents we’re talking about, which may or may not amount to something.

Source: Patently Mobile
Via: SamMobile

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