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Samsung partners with Google for Fuchsia OS development

By Prakhar Khanna May 13, 2021, 2:01 am

Slowly and steadily, Google has been working on developing its Fuchsia OS for years now. The company is building an OS from the ground up, which could have many potential benefits. Now, it is being reported that Google is teaming with Samsung. The latter is said to be contributing some of its work to Google’s Fuchsia OS project.

The latest development comes from 9To5Google, which reports that Samsung is helping Google develop its Fuchsia OS. For the unaware, Google opened the doors to developers of all varieties to contribute to the Fuchsia project late last year. It is said that Google has also worked with companies like Huawei on this project.

The latest company to join hands with Google for its Fuchsia OS is Samsung as the publication found the addition of code related to Samsung’s “Flash-Friendly File System.” Also known as “F2FS,” this project is an alternative system for managing the files on a storage device, which could include the built-in storage of a smartphone.

For reference, F2FS has become a serious competitor to EXT4 in recent years. The latter has long been the de facto file system for Android devices. Now, F2FS can be found being used in Samsung’s phones since the Galaxy Note 10. It is also used in Google phones including the Pixel 3 and later, and more Android devices. As per the report, the addition of Samsung in the Fuchsia OS project might be intended more for the ability to read data from other devices, rather than using F2FS on its own.

Moreover, “Samsung Inc.” is listed side by side with “Google LLC” in the official “AUTHORS” file. This seemingly confirms the collaboration between the two companies. The report goes on to say that Google and Samsung will be continuing to work on F2FS support for Fuchsia. Plus, a major release is planned out for July.

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