Samsung’s round-screened Orbis smartwatch is just all over the news today. A few hours back we checked out a report that the wearable could find itself powered by the same Exynos chip Samsung’s putting in the Galaxy S6, all with the aim of giving Orbis battery life that goes solidly beyond its competition. That sounds all sorts of promising, but when might we actually be able to check this guy out for ourselves? Rumors of an MWC debut clearly haven’t happened, so what might be another possible ETA? Sometime in early summer? Another new Orbis rumor suggests a launch could fall even further out, with the wearable not launching until September.

So, IFA 2015, right? That would have been our first guess, too, armed with that September rumor, but this source instead claims that Samsung is hoping to introduce Orbis at CTIA in Las Vegas, just as IFA wraps-up for the year.

A little earlier this month a Samsung exec talked about the company wanting to take its time to create “a more perfect product,” and if that means another six months of development, maybe that’s just going to be what it takes. Then again, that means half a year of Apple Watch presence on the market, and whether that will help improve consumer interest in smartwatches in general or just draw potential Samsung-shoppers away to Apple’s own offerings remains to be seen.

Source: Tizen Indonesia (Google Translate)
Via: BGR

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