In this video, we drill into the many settings that you can change on the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610. The TouchWiz interface extends to this area, which provides a more finger-friendly interface than what we are used to in Windows Mobile. Sadly, there is no way back to the standard Windows Mobile settings, which will be an annoyance for some power users.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Omnia Pro is that you can turn off the backlight and still be able to see the screen quite clearly (doing this will save huge on battery life). The AMOLED display on the device doesn’t require traditional backlighting for the screen to be visible. It’s included to provide increased outdoor visibility, plus to enhance the contrast of the screen, but again, you can get by with it turned off.

For a collection of our Omnia Pro B7610 coverage, click on. If you want an Omnia Pro of your own, they’re now shipping at Clove. We’ll be back soon with the review!

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