Samsung Omnia 7 Supports HD Voice on Orange UK

Samsung’s Omnia 7 Windows Phone 7 will support Orange UK’s improved-quality HD Voice service, a company representative has revealed via Twitter. HD Voice is Orange’s implementation of so-called wideband audio (specifically the AMR-WB codec as defined by the 3GPP standards group), which increases the range of frequencies being transmitted — compared to standard ‘narrowband’ telephony — and thus improves overall call fidelity. Currently, Orange is the only major carrier to institute a large-scale rollout of this technology, and only a few compliant handsets exist.

One of those handsets is not the HTC Mozart, according to Slashgear, which queried the Taiwanese manufacturer to see if the Omnia 7’s linemate on Orange would also feature this enhancement. Company reps apparently told the publication that HTC has “no plans” for adding HD Voice to Mozart, apparently giving the newest Omnia a slight edge on a platform whose strict guidelines make any non-standard feature a genuine selling point.

Source: Twitter, Slashgear, Wikipedia

Via: WMPoweruser

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