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Samsung Omnia 2 Semi-Official Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM

By Daniel Webster October 9, 2009, 8:00 am

In this video we demonstrate the new semi-official Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM for the Samsung Omnia II (i8000). The new ROM has many improvements to the Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM that the device was released with including threaded text messaging, newer games, and better utilization of the Omnia II’s hardware. This is probably one of the best device-specific Windows Mobile 6.5 ROMs I’ve seen. All the programs work and unlike a ROM that has been “cooked” this one does not contain any less-than-stable programs.

The ROM comes courtesy of Secany from MoDaCo.

Links of the ROM:

1/ OCTAN 2.1

2/ Baseband phone part

3/ Part 1 (78643 KB)Part 2 (78643 KB)Part 3 (78643 KB)Part 4 (78643 KB)Part 5 (78643 KB)Part 6 (39260 KB)

Guide included.

Language contains: English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Finnish, Danish, Polish, Swedish, Dutch.

Choose what language you like before upgrading. The files must be combined back together with a program like HjSplit.

Secany has requested that the files only be downloaded from the links above and that nobody creates any other mirrors. Please understand the risks of flashing a phone with any ROM, and that improper execution may render a device inoperable.

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