Samsung could start OLED screen production for iPhone X sequels as early as next month

After reportedly slowing down OLED screen production in an unprecedented way a few months ago on the heels of a steep iPhone X demand decline, Samsung might be gearing up for a similarly unforeseen revitalization of its high-end display manufacturing efforts. We always expected this to happen, of course, but not so far away from the predicted late summer/early fall launches of the Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone X-replacing trio.

It’s crystal clear that Apple wants to avoid bottlenecks this time around, and Samsung needs to deliver to once again prove its worth as a primary supply partner. If insiders are to be trusted, which may no longer be the case, OLED panels for this year’s two iPhone X sequels will enter production as early as next month. Samsung is purportedly looking to start things off with only 2 to 3 million units in May, followed by up to six mil a month ready for primetime from June.

Before you get too excited, this probably doesn’t mean Apple is aiming for an early iPhone “XI” and “XI Plus” release. Instead, the Cupertino-based tech giant is simply covering its bases, doing everything possible to avoid delays or staggered commercial rollouts.

Keep in mind that there’s also an LCD 2018 iPhone variant in the pipeline, according to every reputable analyst around, which is unlikely to need screens manufactured so soon. That means we may see some assembly line OLED iPhone X Plus leaks before long.

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