We’ve been wondering a lot about the next Nexus device (or is that “devices”) lately, as we start to approach the end-of-the-year timeframe in which such announcements have become expected. There have been a ton of rumors speculating upon just who what OEMs might be involved, how many phones we could see, and what’s going to differentiate them. Today we’ve got one more tidbit to add to all those, upon a new leak mentioning a Samsung Nexus 2, as well as a possible new Nexus 7 variant.

That screenshot above supposedly comes from the computers of retailer Carphone Warehouse. The existence of a 32GB Nexus 7 isn’t entirely unexpected, and that’s definitely one rumor worth considering. Perhaps Google is looking to release just such a higher-capacity Nexus 7 in time for the holiday season.

The rest of this is a little harder to know how to take. The Nexus 2 sounds a bit odd for the next phone’s name, considering how very long it’s been since the Nexus One. The number-based name does make a bit of sense when considered alongside the Nexus 7, though, so might Google be considering a return to a fully-numbered system? Maybe “Galaxy Nexus 2” would be a little more likely, but this by itself sounds somewhat off. We’ve also got to consider that this entry isn’t for the phone itself, but for a screen protector; this could easily be any combination of speculation or a placeholder name.

Source: Droid-life

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