Samsung ‘New’ Gear VR could cost just €90 on the old continent

Now that we know literally everything about the Galaxy Note 7, it’s time to dig a little deeper and try to find out more details on Samsung’s VR hardware-advancing plans.

Rumor has it the Korean tech giant wants to run with the big dogs in addition to strengthening its low-cost domination, though we’re afraid there’s nothing new to report on the standalone Odyssey front.

Meanwhile, the second consumer edition of the smartphone-compatible Samsung Gear VR most likely carries the SM-R323 model number (its predecessor being the SM-R322), picking up USB Type-C connectivity and GNote 7 support but continuing to “fit” the Galaxy S6, S7 and Note 5 as well.

Even the archaic Note 4 in a refreshing change of pace, according to the self-proclaimed “master of cheap scoops” for, Roland Quandt. The blogger/tipster also claims the new Gear VR will be called exactly that (Samsung New Gear VR), as opposed to Gear VR 2 or perhaps Gear VR Pro.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear if this intel comes directly from the OEM or unspecified third-party European retailers which apparently already list the headset at a price of €90. That’s around $100, but it could translate to as little as $90 on US shores… if it proves accurate. $90, $100, $150, it’s all good.

Source: Twitter
Via: SamMobile

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